MARCH 19 - MAY 5, 2018

Let's kick-off spring together with our March Meltdown 45 Day Challenge. 

Earn points by attending fit. & Cycle Shoppe classes and by completing pop-up challenges along the way.  Winners will be chosen for most points, most consistent and MVP. 


How the 6 week MELTDOWN works...
- Each class will be worth specific points, members who attend the classes will collect points throughout the 45 days
- There will be pop up challenges throughout the challenge for members to gain extra points
- Winners will be chosen based off of most points, most consistent, MVP
- MyZone belts will be used to mark workout intensity and identify winners.
- Each member will be assigned a coach who will guide them along the way to help them achieve their goals.
- There will be an information session on Monday, March 19 for everyone to learn the rules and what is expected of them.

March MELTDOWN Prizes:
- Grand Prize: 50% off one month of Membership PLUS 2 Personal Training sessions
- Second Place Prize: $25 off at fit./Cycle Shoppe PLUS a one-on-one Nutrition Coaching session
- Third Place Prize: $25 off at fit./cycle shoppe (good toward membership, training & nutrition coaching)

Current Members with MYZONE belts can join the 6 week MELTDOWN for $99. Nonmembers and members without MYZONE belts can join the 6 week MELTDOWN for $129. 


If you don't have a MYZONE belt and/or not a fit. member
sign-up using the link below.

Do you have a MYZONE belt?
Sign-up using the link below.

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