The fit. focus is on our clients’ overall health and not just how to lose weight or gain muscle. We share information about the importance of mental and emotional health, the significance of proper nutrition and recovery. fit. trainers unify all aspects of health and wellness to create a better overall life experience for you ... simply by showing you how to properly move and give you the information you need!

fit. Group training –
Many clients prefer the camaraderie of group training to help them reach their goals. That’s why at fit. we offer a monthly option with class options ranging from one to several sessions per week. Our group fitness classes are specifically designed to challenge all levels of fitness and ability in a safe and fun dynamic. Schedule your fitness classes online using our website or the Mindbody application on your smart phone.

fit. Semi private training – 
Our semi private training option is for those of you who prefer smaller groups, (4 maximum). It's a great way to reduce the cost of private training and still share in the fun with others. You and your training partners work directly with your dedicated fit. trainer to schedule days and times that work best for you. Join one of our groups or create your own!

fit. Private training – 
If you're looking for a private, personal approach then our Private Training option is for you. Beginners are armed with knowledge and experienced clients are pushed to achieve new goals. fit. trainers hold you accountable so you get the results you want. You will work directly with your dedicated fit. trainer to schedule days and times that work best for you.


fit. Sports Performance Athlete training powered by Repfitness- 
sports performance training is powered by the Repfitness training program owned by professional sports trainer Peter 'Rep' Reppas. Youth, high school, collegiate, and professional athletes all have personal goals that they are looking to reach. Refitness has the experience to get you where you want to be!

The program focuses on increasing speed, agility, strength, explosiveness, quickness, flexibility, endurance, nutrition, pre-and-post injury prevention, recovery and regeneration, and confidence.

Visit the RepFitness website for more information.

fit. Cycling powered by Cycle Shoppe
fit. cycling classes are powered by Cycle Shoppe Spin Studio and deliver intense spinning workout experiences! The instructors deliver workouts that challenge you pedal faster, and climb higher. Studio lighting and music are second to none!

Your first class at Cycle Shoppe is always free! Visit the Cycle Shoppe website for more information.